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Comic Life used with Open Court Reading Program

The Assignment

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Where: These were created in Mathew Needleman's workshop, "Closing the Digital Divide: Integrating Technology in the Open Court Curriculum" at the Los Angeles County Office of Education.

What: These are what we call eBooks, created by teachers to align with Open Court Curriculum. In a classroom setting these would be created by students.

How: These were created using Comic Life which is now available very inexpensively for PC and Macintosh. Comic Life allows you to very easily create Comic Books using your digital photos.

Why: The use of photos and drawings and the comic book format is engaging for students and at the same time provides opportunity for higher level thinking as you'll see when you view the examples. The work done on these eBooks can easily translate to the Concept/Question Board and unit writing.

Next steps: Remember, these were created by teachers. However, the goal of integrating technology is to empower students by handing over new technology to them. These are intended to be projects completed by students later in your classrooms.

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