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The Complete IWT Podcasts Now Available on an audio CD!

The Missing Manual
explaining how, why, and what to do during independent work time in grades K-5.

Painless professional development on the go for teachers, coaches, and principals.

CD Contents:

Episode 1: What is IWT?
Episode 2: Teaching Independence
Episode 3: Starting Out Right: The First Day
Episode 4: Getting it Going: The First Week
Episode 5: The Second Week: Debriefing & Goal Setting
Episode 6: Calling Small Groups: Weeks 3 & 4
Episode 7: Activities Students Can Do - Double Episode

running time one hour ten minutes

written and produced by Mathew Needleman

The Independent Work Time Podcasts are no longer available for sale.

Sample podcasts are available from iTunes. Only the CD has all seven of the Independent Work Time podcasts including episode #7, a double episode with many activities students can do during IWT.

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