Houghton Mifflin Resources.com

Resources for teachers of the Houghton Mifflin Reading Program

Background for Teachers/Students:

Literary Genres by Ms. Ott

Penmanship/Common Writing Errors by Ms. Ott

How to Compare and Contrast by Francie Kugelman

Literature Circles Eduscapes

Metaphors and Similes

Reader's Workshop.org

The English Zone

Blending & Phonics:

Dipthong Drive (Activities for Teaching Dipthongs) by Cherry Carl

Dipthong Word Lists

Blends and Cluster Activities by Cherry Carl

Teaching Vowel Activities by Cherry Carl

/ow/ vs. /oi/ Powerpoint by Ms. Ott

Long A spelled ay Powerpoint by Sonia Thacher, Oakland USD

Long U Powerpoint by Sonia Thacher, Oakland USD

Classroom Management:

Classroom Management Plan from Classroom Management for Teachers.com


Becoming a Reader Powerpoint by Ceres Unified

How to Ask Open Ended Questions

Comprehension Strategies from Reading Quest


DIBELS - sign up for free downloadable fluency assessments

Reader's Theater

Articles/Resources for Improving Fluency

Repeated Reading Techniques by Marily Souza

Focus Walls:

Focus Wall Gallery

Grammar Usage Mechanics:

Preposition Song by C. Elliot

Cause and Effect Worksheet by Mathew Needleman

Integrating Technology:

Mr. Needleman.com
resources and how-to tips as well as current issues in educational technology

Video in the Classroom.com

Houghton Mifflin Technology Matrices

Options for Integrating Technology in Houghton Mifflin Reading

Universal Access Time:

Independent Work Time.com training and task cards for Universal Access Time

Pacing Plans/Administration:

2007-2008 Pacing Calendars

MCSD Pacing Plans for all grade levels

Parent Letters:

Sample Introductory Newsletter (English) 2nd Grade

Sample Introductory Newsletter (English) 1st Grade

Reader's Theater:

the Reader's Theater page

Sight Words:

Dolch Sight Word Lists

Houghton Mifflin First Grade Sight Word List

Unit Openers:

Generic Unit Opener Planning Sheet submitted by Jeni Huber

Writing Resources:

Writing Process Powerpoint

Writing Process Powerpoint (shorter version)

Writing Templates:

Final Draft Paper

Friendly Letter Template - One Page

Friendly Letter Template - Two Pages

Storyboard Paper

Recommended Reading :

Other Houghton Mifflin Sites:

Houghton Mifflin Discussion Board

Publisher's Web Site (Eduplace)

SMB School District Site (see grade level links on left)

Poway Unified School District Site

Houghton Mifflin Resources.com

Internet Search:

Web Houghton Mifflin Resources.com


Best Educational Sites on the Internet

Top Teacher Sites

Primary Games

Top One Hundred Kids' Sites

Mark's ESL World

Top Teacher Tools:

Spanish Translator

Bingo Card Maker

Thinking Maps.org

Rubric Maker

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